Lorem Ipsum Group Exhibition


(Text in German Only)
Liebe Freunde, wir laden Euch zur Vernissage der Gruppenausstellung “Lorem Ipsum 2″ am 3.7.2010 im Haarwerk Braunscheig ein. Gemeinsam mit Beet74, Keasone und Rhok zeigen wir viele neue und einige alte Arbeiten.

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Ceci n`est pas une fete


Gudzso - Reboot Cooperation - We have layed the table for four people.

We have invited them for supper and for a conversation about the artistic and legendary marks they left. Do you recognise them? Check the clues and send us your answer. We are looking forward to reading your solutions and will reward the first three right ones with an example of our embroided tablecloth “Ceci n`est pas une fete”!

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We are featured in “Neuland – Contemporary German graphic design”


We are very proud to be part of the book “Neuland”, edited by our friends at TwoPoints.Net, a Barcelona-based Designstudio. The book takes a look at contemporary German graphic design and features the work of 50 designers - German designers working abroad and foreigners practicing within Germany.

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Unkown Creatures Of The Galapagos Islands

Filed under: Projects Illustration

One of the largest remaining mysteries about Charles Darwin, the whereabout of his letter from the Galapagos Islands, could be solved. In the Darwin Year 2009, the letter surprisingly emerged, and with it several sketches of animals never seen before.

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Nomonotono Group Exhibition


StudioBanana from Spain invited us to be part of “Nomonotono”, a collective exhibition, together with 62 graphic artists from around the world. The exhibition took place from November 27 to December 29, 2008 at Studio Banana in Madrid…

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